Romano-Chrestic Mithraism (4019.02.21)
An overview of Romano-Chrestic Mithraism - our latest attempt at developing a framework for a modern Western Mithraism. Read More

Atarkana Festival (4018.11.03)
Atarkana is a time to celebrate fire, the external fire and the internal spiritual fire. Read More

Universal Chrestian Mithraism (4018.11.02)
An overview of this New Religious Movement. Read More

Roman Mithraism - A Theory (4018.10.24)
In his book 'The Mysteries of Mithras' Attilio Mastrocinque explains the mysteries of Mithras in a new way. Read More

Religious or Spiritual (4018.10.23)
What is the difference between being religious and being spiritual? Read More

A Mitrakana Resolution (4018.10.00)
Mitrakana or Festival of Mithra is celebrated in late September or early October. Some suggest celebrating it on the autumn equinox, however October 2nd is the most usual date for Iranian Zoroastrians, and a good alternative I think. Read More

Mitrakana in Tradition (4018.10.00)
The Avestan Mithra-kana, modern Persian Mehregan is an ancient Zoroastrian Autumnal festival, closely connected to the equinox, and dedicated to Mithra. Read More

Some quotes concerning Mithra (4018.10.00)
About Mithra in tradition. Read More

Zurvan (4018.09.00)
Zurvan, the ultimate source of everything. Read More

Scriptura Mithraica (4018.09.00)
What is the Mithraic Bible? Read More

Seven Festivals of Universal Mithraism (4018.09.00)
Read More

The Divine Heptad (4018.09.00)
An experimental runic heptad to expand on the Godly Trinity. Read More

Sayings of Aturpat i Mahraspandan (4018.08.16)
On the day of Ohrmazd drink wine and be merry. On the day of Bahman take a new dress. On the day of Ardvahisht visit a Fire Temple. Read More

Zoroastrian Gathas - M.Agathon - June 2018 CE (4018.06.01)
A translation of the Hymns of Zarathustra by M.Agathon Read More

Constituents of Human Beings (4018.01.17)
9 Constituents of Human Beings in Physical, ultra-physical and Immortal Worlds Read More

Ossetian Nart Saga 1 (4018.01.17)
High up in the Caucasian mountains there is a small country called Ossetia-Alania. The inhabitants of this country, the Ossetians, are said to be descended from the tribe of Alans, who themselves are related to the Sarmatians and Scythians of the ancient steppes. Read More

Toynbees theory of decay (4018.01.08)
Toynbee argues that the breakdown of civilizations is not caused by loss of control over the environment, over the human environment, or attacks from outside.Rather, societies that develop great expertise in problem solving become incapable of solving new problems by overdeveloping their structures for solving old ones. Read More

The history of Christmas tree (4017.12.20)
Did you know that the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree has its roots in an ancient Persian tradition that is all but forgotten today? Ancient Iranians used to decorate a cedar tree very much similar to how the world today decorates a pine tree. Read More

Why should we not throw anything into a well ? (4017.04.21)
Teaching of Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia Read More